My Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

by 2 Dots

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Just going through a story about the past 8 years of my life...


Started 12/23/14 12:08 A.M. – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Why don’t you listen, while I take you on a trip through these harpsichord stolen beats?
Light up a blunt, and travel through a vocal time line of Mark’s spoken teens
And sit back while I take you on a journey down a boulevard of broken dreams
Let’s start at fourteen, where I started drinking and sparking up trees
Right around the time I lost a scholarship and my dream to play hockey
But that didn’t stop me, should have traded in the booze for coffee
But didn’t, I was too cocky, I just got high and drank the Best from Milwaukee
My grades were slipping, my sports I was quitting, and my personality was drifting
Stop this living? You have to be kidding, look at all these girls I’ve been killing
Mark is a villain, I love sinning, and I’ll do anything that is forbidden
Had multiple spots in my room where all these vices were hidden
Fifteen and sixteen is when my will became weak and my drinks became stronger
Right around the time I met my best friend Keith and this other kid named Conner
Three twisted kids whose mission was to have our livers be conquered
Every Friday and Saturday night this pact would be honored
With our reputation people gave us two years before we’d be goners
I was always drunk so each relationship I had with a girl was always squandered
Seventeen is when I started doing pills and my weekends became longer
So I’m the only one to blame for awakening this monster!

Don’t even know if I’ll make it into a good university
Wasn’t just me, that statement was agreed upon universally
My parents were oblivious, my lifestyle to them was inadvertently
Blew a couple Perc 30s on my mom’s one year sober anniversary
Right there lies my dream of being at peace internally,
Next to the one that I would never have to see the infirmary
Over dosed, now I’m on my way to the emergency
Another dream broken, too blind to see what was really hurting me
Eighteen was a hell of year (COCAINEEEEEEE)
Man that shit was blowing up like propane
Gave me chest pain, but I didn’t complain
Had me feeling like I was the highest on the food chain
It all started when weed wasn’t the strong high that I desired
Bumped some shit that someone told me was fire
Never in my life, have I been so much higher
Getting into trouble, didn’t care about my priors
More power running through me than a million watt wire
Starting to be known as the kid who would drain the drug supplier
And that moment right there is where losing all my self-control transpired

Nineteen marks a broken dream where I lost my will to live
After finding out that I had a one year old kid
Had a mental break down to the thought of being a dad after all the evil things I did
Was going to drop out of school because this child can’t have another father living off the grid
Which was what I was going to do, until I found out something chilling
This sick and twisted bitch was only kidding
Now I’m doubling the intake of my sipping
40 shots a day was the norm for my drinking
Here lies my dream of being sane, because this day all my sanity was ridden
Now all my screws are missing, and her ditch is what I’m digging
Oh man time to go down the golden years of being twenty
Where my soul resembled my bottles at the end of the night, both being empty
And you shouldn’t tempt me, like you’re going to beat me in a boozing frenzy
My experience is plenty, my tolerance has seen the investment of every last one of my pennies
Fast forwarded to the summer and I’m months behind on my sleep
Because I choose to get black out every night of the working week
Mom found me unconscious on the ground, not being able to breathe
Lying next to my dying body was one of her broken dreams
I’ve managed to rip apart a good life right down the middle into two infernal seams
She sent me to recovery in hopes of silencing my internal screams
Clean for 3 weeks, attending A.A., and every day was a good day
But with one drink, everything I worked for, I just threw away
Now I’m twenty-one, and don’t stop drinking until I see the Sun
Long ago lies the moment where this was still fun
Drunk behind the wheel, and the forest is where my car spun
Got a dose of reality realizing what all this has done
And lost the dream of being a good child when my parents tell me they don’t have a son
My worst fears have begun
Luckily the only thing I lost was my dream when I hit those trees
I could be in jail up for a manslaughter felony
Should have listened to what they were telling me
And I could be singing a different melody
After seeing all the evils that drugs and booze can do
Got clean for a while during the summer, now I’m twenty-two
But couldn’t help but cope with a drink to subside all my self-rue
You think that would be the last thing I would do, given all this shit I been through
But it isn’t, let’s face it, I’m roped in sadness
And the only way I know to stop it, is to soak my palate
Mentally hooked on substances, is the way of an addict
And my only hope for survival is to kick the habit
I’ve been inching my way lately towards this golden feat
Haven’t had a drink in twelve token weeks
Hope you enjoyed my words on this stolen beat
And the trip down my boulevard of broken dreams
Finished 12/25/14 6:23 A.M.


released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved