Free Verse Violent Pen (Pt. II Of FreeVerse Series)

by 2 Dots

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Unleashing The Demons On The Mic Part II...


Started 1/7/15 6:23 A.M. - Free Verse My Violent Pen (Pt. II In Free Verse Series)
[The first free verse I did was Free Verse Etiquette, which showed up on the bottom of all the internet charts
Because no one listens to lyrics anymore, they’d rather wear skinny jeans and listen to Pop
Well, just like Reks said, “If this is what makes MIMS hot, and this is why I’m not, put a bullet in my brain and bury me next to Tupac”.]

I’m under the influence of whiskey fixed caskets
Agreeing politically with the Dixie Chick Fascists
Burning urgently like quickly lit matches
I’m in hell receiving six hundred and sixty-six lashes
This is the Book of Revelations, and Judgment Day interrogations
Sweeping the Seven Nations, not having any patience, there’s a timeline for these accusations
Apocalyptic hallucinations, are now part of my adaptations, summoned to damnation, for the rest of time’s duration
I took the apple from the Garden of Eden, a starving heathen, with nothing to believe in
Riddled with evil cretins, surrounded by lesion demons, as they gave me lethal beatings, for no needed reason
Stoning preaching deacons, one by the name of Saint Stephen, left him not breathing, and now he’s bleeding for his freedoms
Committed an act of treason, sentenced by a faithless region, and now he’s famous for what he believed in, for all the right reasons
Some people are in it for money, the pay me’s, I’m in it just to be heard, the play me’s
Most people in the game chill and blaze trees, I take pills and drink to excess to sedate me
I am kind of crazy, vision always hazy, clouds are always rainy, praising Tom Brady, and the whole world hates me
It kind of goes together like underrated and AZ, I’m not elated so I’m tryna find coke so I can steal lines like Jay-Z
I’m going back and forth pacing, Raven like Derick Mason, free basing sedation, at the train station, with insane Haitians
Looking for deranged Asians, with brain agents for elations, can’t figure out these drug equations, it’s an invasion on the nation, no officer, we don’t have any correlations
I have a quick wit, I’m lying, I’m a dimwit, a misfit, sick shit, who’s done one too many whip its
Kanye with fish sticks, he’s far from artistic, in fact he’s simplistic, being nothing of a linguistic
Can't listen to his shit for even a minute, lyrical genius Yeezus is missing, with words and heart too distant, I’m a heavy weight Celtic and you’re not even a Detroit Piston
I’ve studied Big L Freestyles with many rehearses, broke down Big Pun’s most intricate verses
Took notes on Slim Shady’s strategically imbedded curses, as well on how to get in bed with some nurses
Dissected all of Rakim’s and Wu Tang’s albums, and how Biggie was too much of a genius to even fathom
And agreed with Immortal Technique when he said now-a-days it doesn’t mean shit if you go platinum
Living like an alien, lonesome becoming radiant, mind and soul becoming gradient, with my sanity not even on the radius
Used to be an atheist, but that was at my craziest, now I believe in sedatefulness, because that’s when I’m at my most createfullest
I’m a very critical songster, cynical ponder, typical drinkable foster, going through cyclical sponsors
Who’s committed biblical horrors, with minimal honor, my ethical is on a lower level than mobsters
This is lyrical slaughter, on an impeccable roster, knocking up sexual daughters, this is typical conquer, and I’ve defeated every mythical monster
I’ve taken on King Arthur and slayed his mighty dragon
Fished the Norwegian waters and silenced the colossal kraken
Beat Diocletian to death in the name of Saint Sebastian
Threw Black Beard overboard and saluted the drowning captain
Took a machete and beheaded every deadly Yeti, threw them in my Chevy, gassed up at the local Getty, and stashed their bodies in the Fenway Jetties, to be found in a different century
Surmounted the Cretan labyrinth and dehorned the Minotaur
Took a spear to the Cyclops’ eye and made his vision sore
Raped Athena along with her ugly virgin maiden, Medusa
Played quarterback and defeated Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa
Wrote the song that would see the Siren’s end
Stabbed Poseidon with his trident, and tamed the great Leviathan
I was born in the desert, and raised in a fucking lion’s den… Welcome to the world of my violent pen


released January 10, 2015
Production by DansonnBeats



all rights reserved