Free Verse Etiquette

by 2 Dots

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Just unleashing the demons on the mic...


Started 1/1/15 11:40 P.M. – Free Verse Etiquette
I chewed my way out of the carnivorous belly of the beast
Ready to pillage all the ships in the Spanish Armada fleet
My nature is to disembowel the hardest beats
And hang weaker lyricists by a towel in a Marxist dream
Now this isn’t a way for me to beat my own drum
But I’m really as twisted as they come
On my hands and knees gathering every cocaine crumb, and making sure every drop of Novocain has been drunk
Because I’m not satisfied until every fiber of my being is fucking numb
2 Dots is a born sinner, an atheist who sees salvation at the bottom of bottles of liquor
Coke gave me a bad ticker, always picking the bag that was bigger
Pills made me a bad figure, Jack gave me a bad liver
And my life choices have lead me to (Live in a Van down by the River)
I hope that little snippet brought you back to attention
Because it looked for a moment there you were lost in a suspension
I was about to grab your closest family and friends in a selection
Sit them in a circle and give your loss of reality a quickened mention
While I laugh to myself about being on the opposite side of an intervention

I’ve been around the block and bedded with my demons
Entered through their minds while they were fucking sleeping
Took control over their thoughts while they were gone and dreaming
Flooded their bodies with horrific and horrid dealings
As I finally had them waking up in a state of vengeful screaming
While I hold them down and impregnate them with my wretched semen
Now my eyes gleaming, from what they are seeing
Slit wrists and razorblades, Lost Boy like Renee
Every girl I fuck, I seem to downgrade
With every song I upload receiving minimal sound play
I’m a savagely bubonic, microphone gripping demonic harlot, speaking in tongues, not Ebonics
Burning down my life like it was Chronic, soaked in gin and tonic, my hedonics, I’m hooked on phonics
Breaking down barriers like supersonic comets, harder than alcoholic plutonics, moving my monophonic harmonics, like plate tectonics
I’m just a pessimist, revealing my Free Verse Etiquette
Caressing feminists, while I praise verses from Exodus, in The Old Testament, its violence is excellent
Some say I need an exorcist, for my depressive edifice, with a personality that is venomous
But that’s incredulous, where’s your evidence?
I’m a different kind of species, leaving my listeners tied in vocal leashes
I’m a genius, who shows no weakness
Leaving talkative non-believers speechless
As I point toward their facial features with two steel pieces
While they scramble in the last few seconds trying to find Jesus
Pulling both triggers, as I leave 2 Dots over their eyes (I’s) like a dieresis
(Here you can keep this)
Finished 1/4/15 2:38 A.M.


released January 4, 2015
Production by Taser



all rights reserved