Conversation With A Mirror (18 Year Old Me Vs. 22 Year Old Me)

by 2 Dots

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18 Year Old Me Vs. 22 Year Old Me. 18 Year Old Me starts it off with a slow talking observation. The Persona's are identical to what they were/are, all the way down to the way I talked...


Started 12/31/14 11:26 P.M. – Conversation With A Mirror (18 Year Old Me Vs. 22 Year Old Me)
Who’s that pussy not boozing over there in the corner?
This faggot put a soda in as his only drinking order
Watch this, I’m about to hit him in the head with this quarter
He’s all in disorder, “Look over here pussy, you’re getting warmer”
Guys check it out, this “tough guy’s” walking over

Hahaha, I believe this quarter belongs to you
What are you laughing for princess? You want something to do?
Kid, you don’t have a clue, here’s the quarter that you just threw
Now if you don’t mind, I have a soda I have to get back to

That’s right bitch, go back to your cranberry juice, your period is over due

Excuse me, you little tough guy wannabe
Unless you want to step outside so you can feel better about your despondency
I expect an apology, for getting hit in the head with this insolvency

Like I’m going to tell you that I’m sorry, why don’t you chew on that clue Frank Hardy?
I’ll meet you outside after I take these shots and we’ll continue this party

Yeah that’s right, go and take another drink of that liquid courage
That’s the only way you know how to handle any suffrage
By filling your emotional holes with temporary coverage
That’s why girls will never love you, with all of your extra luggage

What are you my fucking psychiatrist?
Hey guys check it out, we got Sigmund Freud in here, a modern day mental scientist

Look at your face, it’s all red from the drinks like you got psoriasis
Didn’t your mother ever teach you to watch out for the quietest?
Those are the kids that are the most violent

What’s going to be the next thing to come out of your mouth Cuz, a Hawaiian proverb?
Repeating shit that I’ve already heard? Get the fuck out of here you fucking nerd
Why don’t you chill out and smoke some herb?

Yeah man you have some bud? What am I talking about, I know you have drugs
Uppers, downers, and everything in between, ain’t that right “Cuz”, as well as a booze filled jugs
Because those are the only things that will ever make you feel loved
Walking around acting like a thug, mad at the world like you never got hugged
Every bottle that has ever touched your lips has been chugged
Everyone that has ever shown you love, has been shrugged
You think you’re tough because you beat up five pussies while you got mugged?
You’ll fold like a little bitch when you’re in a cell and a real thug says he’s going to fuck you, shape up!
Get off this path you’re on you fake fuck, when are you going to wake up?
The world is always going to hate us
When it hits you on the chin, are you going to keep your face up?
Or lay on the ground and shake up?
This is the world that made us, and there are no make ups
We don’t need another boozy and junkie
Asking everyone you fucked over, for some money
Behind on your rent, and you need something to eat because you’re hungry
Patience runs real thin when this is asked monthly
I’ve been there, asking for guidance from the Man above me
But never received it, so long as on my back sat the drug monkey
Because contrary to popular belief, God doesn’t love ugly

Why are you telling me this, I thought we were enemies?

You were me four years ago, and I’m saving you from felonies
Which will all arise from your chemical dependencies
We have the same exact tendencies, to cope with our problems mentally
With temporarily chemical coping remedies

I don’t know what to say

You can barely stand you mess, you just fell
Listen to everything I’m about to tell
I’ve woke up in jail cells, gave coke its fair smells
Street corners its fair dwells, put into drug riddled shells
We’re born addicts, and are forever under its enchanting spell
So change your ways before you’re damned in hell

Who am I kidding? You’re never going to change your self
By the way, here’s your fucking quarter, and an extra dollar as well
Use it to buy a shot before the last bell

Barkeep one more shot of vodka
That was a good one, thinking I drink to erase emotional trauma
It’s a myth you know… What is son? Karma…
Finished 1/1/15 6:46 A.M.


released January 1, 2015
Breath Taking Beats on Production



all rights reserved